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<< All NewsSix Feet Up Unveils New Version of Lineage for Plone

Six Feet Up Unveils New Version of Lineage for Plone

May 3, 2010

Six Feet Up is happy to announce the release 0.4 of Lineage, the microsite creation product for Plone.

This new version uses an activation based system instead of having a 'Child Folder' type. Now a folder will have the option for a subtype named 'Child Site'. A migration was written to transform the 'Child Folder' from the 0.1 version to the current sub typed version. Other improvements include i18n support and an un-install profile.

Lineage 0.4 also includes a fix to a major security issue introduced by p4a.subtyper, the code powering the subtyping functionalities of the Plone product. Prior to the update, permissions for subtyping were zope.public and an anonymous user could change existing folders into children sites.

Overall, this new release of Lineage comes with more documentation, better security and more testing. And it is now also fully compatible with Plone 4.

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