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Six Feet Up Launches Content Syndication Hub

June 6, 2013

National leader launches Resonate for sharing content inside a multisite CMS, and PushHub for syndicating content across a multi-platform web infrastructure.

Indianapolis, June 6, 2013 - Six Feet Up, a provider of open source Content Management Systems (CMSs) for higher education and enterprises has announced two new products: Resonate and PushHub. Both products were developed by major research universities and tackle unique issues around multisite content syndication.

Resonate Logo

Resonate expands Six Feet Up's multisite solution, Lineage, to enable content creators to feature key content across sites within the open source CMS Plone. Organizations can manage all of their sites in a single CMS while using advanced workflows to control the creation and internal linking of content across those sites. Resonate extends the reach of key content to visitors on multiple sites, eliminates tedious work and provides administrators with a syndication history.

“One of our clients, a major university in Indiana, didn't want to have to copy and paste items everywhere in their family of websites to increase their visibility, so Resonate was a really big improvement for them. They can create content once, then easily reuse it without the mess caused by duplicates.” said Michelle Jarvi, project manager at Six Feet Up. “Several hundred contributors are adding and sharing content across ten domains.” she added. Lineage and Resonate run on top of the open source Plone CMS.

PushHub Logo

PushHub is a content sharing solution for organizations that cannot consolidate on one platform, yet need to syndicate content across their network of sites. PushHub can syndicate content from virtually any open source CMS, along with proprietary CMSs that have an API for managing content. Six Feet Up installs connectors into each CMS and customizes PushHub to fit an organization's existing workflows. Content can then be shared with a few clicks by contributors and featured by site managers.

“We are really excited about PushHub’s ability to manage shared content across hundreds of sites for us. It’s going to save time and money while providing better access to our content.” said Albert Wu, Senior Director, Information Management Services at a major research university in Southern California. The core of PushHub is open source. In addition Six Feet Up provides a PushHub virtual machine, CMS connectors, custom integration into existing sites, and training.

Six Feet Up is launching both Resonate and PushHub this week in presentations at the Plone Symposium Midwest conference in Oshkosh, WI. The company is also providing training on Diazo Theming for websites and the benefits of using Plone as an enterprise CMS.

Additional information on Resonate and PushHub can be found at and respectively.

About Six Feet Up:

Founded in 1999, Six Feet Up is a woman-owned company that develops, hosts and supports open source sophisticated web projects, from enterprise content management and collaborative intranets to mobile apps. While the company has reached a leading position in the Plone market, Six Feet Up also leverages high-profile open source software, such as KARL, Pyramid, Django and Sencha Touch. Six Feet Up's clients include top universities and life sciences organizations, growing and distributed teams, as well as Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about Six Feet Up visit

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