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JetBrains Returns to Python Web Conference as Diamond Sponsor

JetBrains Returns to Python Web Conference as Diamond Sponsor

Six Feet Up is proud to announce JetBrains, the company that created an extended family of integrated development environments (IDE) for various programming languages, as the Diamond Sponsor of the 3rd annual Python Web Conference. The conference, the most in-depth Python event for web developers, will be hosted virtually on LoudSwarm from March 22 - March 26, 2021.

People interested in learning best practices to solve hard web production problems are encouraged to register for the virtual conference which will feature international experts presenting on 48 topics including Django, Flask, Pyramid, Tornado, Plone, CI/CD, Containers, Serverless, REST APIs, web security, microservices, websockets and more. Specifically, JetBrains developer advocate, Paul Everitt, will speak on “Static Sites With Sphinx and Markdown” on March 24 at 11 a.m. ET. See the complete conference schedule here: https://2021.pythonwebconf.com/schedule

JetBrains will work closely with organizers of the Python Web Conference to create an interactive experience on LoudSwarm. The highly engaging format consists of one day of tutorials, four days of talks and numerous opportunities to mingle and connect via virtual cocktails, online gaming and web-based board games. Access to presentations and post-event recordings will be available exclusively to registered attendees.

JetBrains participated in the 2nd annual Python Web Conference as a Diamond Sponsor and will be returning for 2021’s event. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, visit https://2021.pythonwebconf.com/#sponsors or reach out to the conference organizers at events@sixfeetup.com

Ticket prices are $199 for Professionals and $99 for Students. More information about the event, speakers, sponsors and what to expect can be found at https://pythonwebconference.com.

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