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Carol Ganz: Women & Hi Tech Profile

December 2, 2019

Carol Ganz was a featured Board member of the November 2019 Women & Hi Tech Board feature blog post series.

Ganz spoke on how she go into the tech industry, mentoring others, and how the being a part of Women & Hi Tech has made a positive impact on her life.

“I wanted to be somewhere you could really make a difference. That’s one of the same qualities that drew me to the organization, getting to go and talk to people, help people, and mentor them. In fact, it’s great even if it’s accidental mentoring. You could just be having a meeting with someone, and suddenly something you’ve said ends up moving the needle for them in a positive direction.”

Ganz has been a member of Women & Hi Tech for 6 years, and has served on the Board as Membership Administration Director for the past 2 years.

Carol is a strong advocate for inclusion and diversity in tech, and works to continue the discussion around helping others find their voice in the industry.

“I want to see gender and sexual orientation not be a discussion, but an accepted inclusion metric across the board. Whether you identify as bi, queer, pan, or gender fluid, I want it to be a non-discussion and for everyone to be honored for who they are. If we can make Women & Hi Tech a safe space for all, including gender fluid and non-cis people, I’ll be happy,” said Ganz. “We need inclusive to include everybody.”

To read the full article, please visit:

To contact Carol, please contact her via email or LinkedIn.

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