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Enhancements to Plone 4 Seen in Release Candidate 1

August 16, 2010

Constant improvement and innovation in the releases are continuing to
keep Plone ahead of the CMS curve whether it be open source or
commercial. This release has focused on freshening up the Plone UI while
under the hood Plone has gained some features to improve its
scalability and performance such as BLOBs and Python 2.6.

Plone 4 was developed to meet the needs of users who were finding that Plone 3 did not include many of the features they most used. In addition the Plone Framework Team has been busy keeping Plone on track with the a more modern Python/Zope release.

Some of those improved features include:

These enhancements work to create a better Plone experience for end users, developers and system administrators. We can't wait for the final release and Six Feet Up is already developing new projects using Plone 4.

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