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DjangoCon 2021: How to Streamline Development with Python

November 1, 2021

In his DjangoCon debut, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero Calvin Hendryx-Parker emphasizes the Zen of Python and how its tenets translate into some very usable best practices. His 37-minute talk, “Bootstrapping your Local Python Environment,” delves into tools and techniques that will help developers of all levels:

Three Zen of Python tenets in particular — “Beautiful is better than ugly,” “Explicit is better than implicit,” and “Simple is better than complex” — are at the core of Calvin’s presentation. To simplify development using Python, and help developers avoid potential pitfalls, Calvin recommends:

Watch the presentation:

For more on bootstrapping your local environments and the Zen of Python, read Calvin’s blog post, “The Zen of Python: Bootstrapping Your Local Python Environment.”

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