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Developers Rejoice: IT Can Relax with new Platform for Cloud-Native Object Storage

May 14, 2021

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up’s CTO and AWS Community Hero, was invited to participate in Tech Field Day Presents Scality and HPE: Making the Future of Data Possible — a special event announcing the launch of ARTESCA, a new cloud-native object storage platform, with leaders and product managers from enterprise IT companies Scality and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

In his article “Cloud-Native Object Storage Built for the Edge-to-Core World” — originally published on the Gestalt IT website — Calvin shares a review and discusses the benefits of ARTESCA.

“The amount of enterprise and public cloud data is increasing almost exponentially as we collect files and data from sources such as legacy databases, factory floor cameras, and IoT sensor data,” writes Calvin. “However, while the public cloud is full of great solutions to scale and store files, it doesn’t solve the common issues around storing and processing this data at the edge or in your own data center.”

ARTESCA, which is fully compatible with the Amazon Simple Storage Service S3 and can be deployed at the edge and in a data center, is designed to tackle the issue of edge-to-core storage and processing head first.

Additionally, ARTESCA is:

Doodle created by Barry Coombs. Click on image to zoom in.

According to Calvin, “ARTESCA feels much more natural and in-line with the latest software development best practices... We are on the right track to keep developers and IT moving in the same direction, together.”

Read the full article on the Gestalt IT website.

Watch the complete presentations on the Scality and HPE announcement via YouTube.

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