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Developer burnout: How managers can recognize and prevent it

May 26, 2021

Six Feet Up CEO and co-founder, Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, was featured in a TechRepublic article, “Developer burnout: How managers can recognize and prevent it,” where she discusses how managers can support the mental, emotional and physical well-being of software developers.

“What we've learned about employee health and managing stress — both before and during the pandemic era — will be instructive for years to come,” said Gabrielle.

In the article, Gabrielle highlights best practices for identifying and preventing burnout like:

The best way to prevent burnout is by fostering a positive company culture, where collaboration is encouraged and the developer’s abilities align with the demands of their job. At Six Feet Up, all employees complete personality assessments including The Predictive Index, Kolbe A and DiSC. Knowing an employee’s skill base allows managers to assign the appropriate task to the appropriate developers.

For example, "Don't ask big-picture thinkers to design new, detailed processes, and don't put people who love being immersed in tasks into a role that requires a lot of reactivity and embrace of change,” said Gabrielle. “Everyone can stretch themselves for a little while, but eventually, the stress builds up." Read the complete article here.

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