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Six Feet Up's CTO named All Things Open Ambassador

Six Feet Up's CTO named All Things Open Ambassador

Six Feet Up has been using Open Source Software to connect communities since 1999, and few people are more committed to this ideal than Chief Technology Officer Calvin Hendryx-Parker. This is why he applied and was chosen to be an All Things Open Ambassador.

All Things Open (ATO) is a polyglot technology conference that focuses on open source software. It tends to attract big thinkers as well as creative thinkers. Six Feet Up has been a sponsor of the conference in the past and Hendryx-Parker has been a fervent attendee.

As an ATO Ambassador, Hendryx-Parker will continue to promote the conference and be available to answer questions. He'll be happy to provide his first-hand perspective and help the conference grow into a bigger more diverse crowd.

This year's ATO conference will be virtual and feature speakers and attendees from all over the world. Find out more on their website.

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