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Calvin Hendryx-Parker Guest on JetBrains Webinar

Calvin Hendryx-Parker Guest on JetBrains Webinar

Six Feet Up's CTO Calvin Hendryx-Parker joined JetBrains' Paul Everitt for a webinar on "How To Build Real-Time Interactions In Your Django 3 App."

Since Django 3 was released, it was time for Calvin to bring his perspective back for another webinar showing off how to use some new features within PyCharm Professional.


Django 3 brings new features and possibilities. Calvin Hendryx-Parker, previous webinar guest, gives us a tour from a PyCharm perspective:

  • Introduction of new features in Django 3
  • How to use those new features in your app
  • Live coding of async features into an app using PyCharm

Watch the recording of the webinar on YouTube.

The original blog post can be found at on JetBrains' website.

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