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Benefits and Drawbacks to Service Mesh in Modern Applications

Benefits and Drawbacks to Service Mesh in Modern Applications

In a recent episode of the Gestalt IT On-Premise IT Roundtable Podcast, “Service Mesh Is a Use in Search of a Problem,” Calvin Hendryx-Parker (Six Feet Up’s CTO and AWS Community Hero) joins moderator Stephen Foskett (Publisher of Gestalt IT), Jason Benedicic (Independent IT Consultant) and Ned Bellavance (Founder at Ned in the Cloud LLC) to discuss the value of service mesh in modern application stacks and realistic use cases for complex containerized applications. 

According to Calvin — and the Zen of Python — simple is better than complex. “I always tell my clients: don’t go more complex than you have to when launching anything,” said Calvin. “If your application is dependent on a service mesh to run, it likely hasn’t been designed well.”

In the podcast, the panel also discussed:

  • the “magic” behind a service mesh infrastructure,
  • primary benefits — and “gotchas” — enterprises should weigh before adopting a service mesh, and
  • the era of “engineered complexity” and what it means for a project’s scalability.

Watch the Roundtable:

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