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An Introduction to Amazon Connect at IndyAWS

An Introduction to Amazon Connect at IndyAWS

The January 2022 edition of IndyAWS — Indiana’s fastest growing cloud meetup founded in 2017 by Six Feet Up CTO and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Community Hero Calvin Hendryx-Parker — featured “An Intro to Amazon Connect, an Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center.”

Amazon Connect, a “Born in the Cloud” solution for exceptional customer experiences, is the AWS service for Automatic Calling Services. In their presentation and live demo, Amazon's Alex Schrameyer and David Putlak discuss:

  • what an omnichannel cloud contact center is;
  • the most common questions people ask (e.g., "How do I introduce AI and ML in a meaningful way to my Contact Center?"); and
  • how Amazon Connect interacts with other AWS services including S3.

Read tidbits via @IndyAWS’ live Twitter thread, and watch the full presentation to see a sample inbound flow and real-time call.

Watch the presentation:

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