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Advanced OpenID implementation "SpeakFriend" is launched

SpeakFriend Python OpenID

Six Feet Up is thrilled to announce the launch of SpeakFriend, a product born from a collaboration with the Simons Foundation to make their OpenID infrastructure user friendly, more secure and faster. SpeakFriend can be used as a standalone application or integrated into a larger product.

"They replaced our OpenID system with a modern implementation and seamlessly integrated it with our other websites." said Chris Fleisch, Programmer/Analyst at Simons Foundation. "This allowed us to improve the security of the application with little to no impact on the users and provided us with a solid foundation for us to build on in the future."

OpenID Home Screen - SpeakFriend

SpeakFriend was designed to provide a very friendly experience to both end users, who need to manage their OpenID credentials, and administrators. The system makes it very easy for users to create highly secure passwords and receive notifications of any changes to their account. Administrators can easily perform bulk tasks like resetting passwords right from the main user list. They can also very easily create and control variables such as the number of allowed login attempts and export reports to Excel.

OpenID Users - SpeakFriend

"We are really excited to offer SpeakFriend as an advanced, yet friendly OpenID solution to our clients" said Calvin Hendryx-Parker, CTO of Six Feet Up. "With SpeakFriend, it's easier than ever to realize all the benefits of OpenID."

In light of all the recent security breaches, Six Feet Up has built in additional safety measures into the application to minimize the risk of break-ins. This includes a combination of simple features like notifications and password strength indicators, along with brute-force attack countermeasures, and using Python, Postgres and PassLib to keep the stored data highly secure.

In addition to the user-friendly features and increased security, Six Feet Up was able to reduce the processing time to under 20 milliseconds on all views across the system.

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