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PWC2022 Day 4: Python's Future and Origami

March 24, 2022

Day 4 of the 2022 Python Web Conference, organized by Six Feet Up, kicked off with an insightful discussion about the future of Python itself. It concluded by inspiring Pythonistas to combat climate change and foster creativity with an origami social.

In the morning keynote, Paul Everitt, a Developer Advocate at Jet Brains, shared “Python's Web Story: Now and Next.” A self-proclaimed “Python oldster,” Paul has been using (and advocating for) Python since the 1990s. He walked through the evolution of web frameworks over the years — including the challenges and opportunities the Python community faces, and how the Python community must work together to bridge the gap and keep pace with JavaScript innovations.

Highlights from the fourth day:

How the FLASH app can predict lightning strikes

While warnings about reported lightning strikes aren’t new, the ability to predict them before they strike is. FLASH, with help from Six Feet Up, took an algorithm and an idea from a Jupyter Notebook to production ready and cloud native. The Django-based application can now predict the first strike of any thunderstorm with a 99.6% accuracy and a 15- to 25-minute lead time.

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, discussed and demonstrated the application alongside FLASH Lead Software Engineer Will Howard.

Fighting climate change with technology

In the day’s closing keynote, "'Code Red' — Why Developers Will Lead the Energy Revolution,” Michael Lee, CEO at Octopus Energy, discussed the company’s goal of combating the climate crisis through its Kraken software. As more forms of large- and small-scale renewable energy — such as wind and solar — come online, the energy grid becomes more decentralized. Kraken was designed to maximize this new decentralized energy grid to maximize efficiency.

Inspiring Creativity with Origami

Origami is a therapeutic activity, and it’s a fun way to make something unique. The 4th day of the Python Web Conference concluded with an origami social. Led by Six Feet Up Pythonista Annette Lewis, attendees learned how to create their own versions of Pete the Python.

Day 5 promises to bring a host of interesting subjects. Check out the 2022 Python Web Conference schedule to see what Day 5 has in store. Read the recap articles about Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

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