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<< All NewsDay 2: Dance Like No One's Watching at #PWC2022

Day 2: Dance Like No One's Watching at #PWC2022

March 22, 2022

The closing keynote on day 2 of the 2022 Python Web Conference, organized by Six Feet Up, struck a chord with attendees.

Julia Simon, who shared her personal journey through the unpredictable world of burnout and depression, offered tips for maintaining a healthier balance at work and in life, especially in this all-remote pandemic reality.

“Dance like no-one's watching,” said Julia during her interactive after-talk social. According to Julia, breathing and movement helps move energy through your body, which enables you to calm your nervous system and approach your daily life with a greater sense of balance and perspective.

Highlights from the second day:

How to leverage machine learning

In the morning keynote, “Stirring the Pot: How to Leverage Machine Learning,” Matt Harrison talked about machine learning and how it’s used by businesses. His presentation also included a demo using scikit-learn to create linear regressions and even a decision tree.

Wagtail: How it’s going and what’s coming

Phil Dexter, product manager and agile coach at Torchbox, discussed “Wagtail CMS: Past, present and future.” According to Phil, by using the Django web framework, Wagtail is “standing on the shoulders of giants.” Phil also shared development goals for Wagtail, including a new page editor.

Total quality management

Dana Scheider's presentation, “Choose Your Own (QA) Adventure,” reiterated the importance of adopting a Total Quality Management model to ensure product quality. While this model requires buy-in from higher-ups, Dana noted that the benefits of the model are effective at shifting the focus toward product and process enhancement.

“The focus needs to be on improvement rather than pointing fingers,” said Dana. “Remember, you can learn from someone else's mistakes."

Why you should care about container security

Eric Smalling, a professional software developer with 30 years of experience, explained why developers should care about container security and the DevSecOps philosophy of “moving security left” (as in: as early as possible) in the software development lifecycle. He even used a demo application to show how vulnerabilities can be exploited.

Lightning Talks

Lastly, the 5-minute lightning talks touched some very interesting topics, including:

Check out the 2022 Python Web Conference schedule to see more information about the line-up of talks. Read the recap articles about Day 1 and Day 3.

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