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<< All NewsDurham Public Schools Launches New Plone Site

Durham Public Schools Launches New Plone Site

November 6, 2008

Developed by Six Feet Up, the Durham Public Schools website features a brand new, easy to navigate design that offers access to the content based on either target audiences or major content topics. Various dynamic UI components create an active and modern look while giving visitors a sneak preview of the content available when following a link. Rich in news and events, the site is organized around a master district
calendar displaying syndicated content from school and departmental

On the administrative side, content managers now have access to rich content portlets that allow ad-hoc information to be added, and can easily create and manage image slideshows thanks to an AJAX-based component. Various Flash pieces make sure to keep visitors' attention thanks to a
FlowPlayer integration work that makes Flash implementation a breeze

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