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Six Feet Up Presents at the EMELD Workshop

Held at Michigan State University on June, 20-22, the 2006 "E-MELD":http://linguistlist.org/emeld/emeld/(Electronic Metastructure for Endangered Languages Data) workshop on digital language documentation marked the culmination of the 5-year E-MELD project and aimed at reviewing digital standards ratified by the community in prior workshops on text, lexicons, databases, and annotation. Six Feet Up's Director of Engineering Calvin Hendryx-Parker co-presented a paper titled "Modeling contested categorization in linguistic databases" with the "Long Now Foundation":http://www.longnow.org/ based upon their recent work on the "Rosetta Project archive":http://www.rosettaproject.org. The paper was co-authored with Jeff Good from the "Max Planck Institute":http://www.mpi.nl/world/ and the Rosetta Project. The presentation was made in XHTML, CSS and JS for archival purposes. To get a copy, please "contact Calvin Hendryx-Parker":mailto:calvin@sixfeetup.com.

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