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Six Feet Up Releases PromoEngine

July 24, 2007

The Promo Engine developed by Six Feet Up provides a way to manage the syndication of static promotional content throughout a Plone site from a single centralized repository of "ads". Pre-set portlet templates drive the look and feel of each ad. Content contributors can quickly create new ads by assembling text, images and links using a custom content type template. The tool comes with a convenient "preview" tab to help with the ad creation process. Content contributors can easily manage which ad gets displayed on which page by selecting which slot the ad is to fill. When more than one ad are set up to appear in the same slot, the Promo Engine automatically rotates the ads. The Promo Engine leverages the Archetypes reference engine to place ads in specific regions of a site. It is currently being developed to take advantage of some of the new features in Plone 2.1 like ATContentTypes. "Download PromoEngine 0.1 Latest Release":

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