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Major Website Update for the Rosetta Project

Six Feet Up released today a revision of the Rosetta Project website that includes many XHTML optimizations as well as back-end database fixes. The Rosetta Project strives to create a publicly accessible online archive of all documented human languages. As per the Executive Director of the project, Jim Mason: "Wandering the site used to not be like this. Most places you went were empty or near empty. Now i am amazed how much is in fact with content. For the whole world. Go anywhere (...) And the site is so fast now that you can cover lots of terrain very quickly. And always more of interest is waiting, one or two clicks away, all though a tight and consistent UI. Very little to figure out while finding and wandering. The UI is becoming nicely transparent, which has not been easy, given how much content and metadata complexity there is behind it." "To the live site":http://www.rosettaproject.org

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