When you need performance but can't compromise on reliability, UNIX-based open source operating systems like Linux or FreeBSD are your best options.

It's no secret that we, at Six Feet Up, are huge fans of FreeBSD. Here's why:


FreeBSD can handle large sets of data thanks to its ZFS scalable, high performance and consistent 128-bit file system.  It can even detect and automatically fix file system corruptions.


FreeBSD supports replication, which means you can back up your files easily to many locations.


FreeBSD's package system pkg is a rich set of 3rd party applications, such as NGinx, Varnish and Python. We use them to build our web infrastructure as there is no need to compile anything by hand, as it is tricky and error prone.


FreeBSD is very easy to maintain and upgrade due to its very clean layout and clear separation between the base system and user-installed packages.


Out of the box, FreeBSD has a very small footprint, with a minimalistic install that considerably reduces its security exposure.


FreeBSD has a very good network stack, which provides high performance network operations.


In addition to FreeBSD, we also support CentOS and Ubuntu.

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