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TechPoint Innovation Summit

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October 30, 2012

TechPoint Innovation Summit

Come join us at the Innovation Summit 2012 - held this year in the Indiana Convention Center on October 30.

Find out from Six Feet Up, who is using open source in their business, how you probably already are using it, and why you should embrace the open source revolution as something that can be incredibly good for your business. Visit us at the Innovation Expo and find out how we have leveraged open source for Notre Dame, the Indiana Historical Society and Eli Lilly & Co.

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Six Feet Up's CTO, Calvin Hendryx-Parker, will be doing a Rapid-Fire presentation at 2:20pm on using open source in business. He will be talking about the quiet open source revolution which has been going on for years. You are all invited to attend.

Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, our Chief Executive Officer, John Gilpin, our Director of Strategic Solutions, and Carol Ganz, director of of Customer Relationships, will be on hand at the expo to answer questions, demonstrate solutions and show you examples of how Six Feet Up has delivered open source solutions to our customers.

Come visit us at the Innovation Summit on October 30th for a chance to open your business to new opportunities.



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