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Six Feet Up FedEx Day

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January 12, 2011

Six Feet Up FedEx Day

This event is based off a concept described by Daniel Pink in his book Drive as a tool to develop intrinsic motivation in a team. A FedEx Day allows team members to work on a project of their choice that they have to deliver within a 24 hour period of time. People can choose who to work with, and how to work on their project. The company just makes sure they have the tools and resources they need. Often it is a project that has been pushed to the backburner repeatedly or it is something that adds value but is not necessary for the daily function of the office: a new idea, a prototype of a product, a better internal process. The main requirement is that it must benefit the company.

Many renowned companies have embraced the FedEx Day concept, and some for many years, such as Google, 3M, Yahoo! and Atlassian. Six Feet Up joined the list of forward-thinking companies with regards to employee motivation in 2010 and has committed on hosting a FedEx Day quarterly.

Six Feet Up will be opening its doors to any third-party observers interested in deploying the FedEx Day concept in their own organizations as a way to promote healthy and effective employee motivation practices. For more information, please contact Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker.


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