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Ploneability Higher Ed

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November 8, 2007

Ploneability Higher Ed


Chris Williamson, Enfold Systems9:35 a.m.Welcome

Rosalinda Mendez, Texas Learning and Computation Center9:40 a.m.What’s Next in Open-Source Content Management

Alan Runyan, Enfold Systems10:00 a.m.Plone Services, Campus Clients: WebLion

Christian Vinten-Johansen & Mike Halm, Penn State University10:30 a.m.Break10:40 a.m.Empowering Content Managers Campuswide

Kurt Bendl, University of Louisville11:40 a.m.Break11:50 a.m.Enabling Plone with Windows Integration Products

Alan Runyan, Enfold Systems12:05 p.m.Best Practices with Plone in Higher Education

Joel Burton, Plone Bootcamps12:50 p.m.Lunch Break1:20 p.m.Skinning Multiple Sites: ZOpenPublisher

Josten Ma, Texas Learning and Computation Center1:55 p.m.Managing Audience-Based Navigation: MetaNav

Cris Ewing, University of Washington2:20 p.m.Break2:30 p.m.“Birds of a Feather” Sessions3:00 p.m.Content Management for Faculty: The Learning Web

Jordan Carswell, Houston Community College3:45 p.m.Break3:55 p.m.Growing a Large, Collaborative Plone Site

Cameron Cooper, Connexions4:25 p.m.Plone and OpenCourseWare: eduCommons

Brent Lambert & David Ray, Utah State University4:55 p.m.Wrap-Up

Chris Williamson, Enfold Systems5:00 p.m.Conference Adjourns



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