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Plone Symposium East 2008

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March 10, 2008

Plone Symposium East 2008

Plone Symposium East 2008 is planned for March 12 and 13 at Penn State
University in scenic State College, PA. Training sessions will be held
March 10 and 11 and sprints will run throughout the week.

As an official sponsor of this event, Six Feet Up will present two discussions at the first event since Plone 3.0's release with Six Feet Up staff nearly filling the entire day on Wednesday March 12. Director of Engineering Calvin Hendryx-Parker will lead two panel
discussions: "Plone Strategic Planning & Plone Foundation Update"
and "So You Want to be a Plone Consultant?" and present "Plone's Anatomy." Senior Developer Clayton Parker will present "Getting Plone Ready for the Prom" and Deployment Expert Andrew Parker will present "Cross-Training for Your Plone Deployment" along with Calvin Hendryx-Parker. Kurt Bendl will present a case study on "University of Louisville's Plone Deployment and Support Structure."

In the opening panel, Calvin and other leaders from the Plone community
will discuss the results of the Strategic Planning Summit, updates on
the current work of the Plone Foundation, and the future directions of
Plone. The lunch panel promises to be an eye-opener revealing what it
really takes to make it as an open source consultant. Calvin will also
present "Plone's Anatomy" which answer all your developer questions and
discuss how all the pieces of
the software stack interact with one another.

"Getting Plone Ready for the Prom" will include a review of the various philosophies to reskinning
Plone, augmenting the site layout via viewlets, when to use Zope 3 resources, information about registering
your customizations with the resource registries, and how to use base properties to create your site's very
special look.

"Cross-Training for Your Plone Deployment" will feature using a live benchmark approach to reveal the secrets of reaching peak
performance by going through a
series of steps to configure your software and hardware. Proving that
small changes have big effects a live demo will show a race between two
setups: Plone with
just Zope on the front-end versus Plone with a ZEO Cluster, Nginx and

Kurt Bendl, formerly of the University of Louisville, will present a
case study on how UofL supports a large Plone infrastructure. UofL has
nearly 200 departments using Plone already and the case study will
detail the processes, products and hardware involved. Existing
problems and plans for the future will also be discussed.

If you are planning on attending the Plone Symposium and would like to meet with Six
Feet Up, please email so we can be sure to see you
in person!



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