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IndyPy: Favorite Python Tools

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July 9, 2019

IndyPy: Favorite Python Tools

This month's key sessions:

Python Beginners' Jam (PBJ™):

Our PBJ™ is all about the basics: 15 minute Python short tutorial aimed at beginners. This month, the focus will be on:

“Extracting Readable Output from Data Structures Using Pretty Printing Modules” by Eileen Tallman

Right Brain™ Talk:

Right Brain™ brings to you creative topics aimed at developing well rounded Pythonistas. This month:

"Recode your Future" by Connor Mullett

Pro Talk™:

We will substitute our ProTalk for this month for a Fishbowl Discussion. If you have a Python topic you want to discuss, let us know at the meeting and we'll vote on what we talk about. Topics could include: favorite Python tool, a tool used to solve a specific problem, a tool you use for it's fantastic features, etc.


7:00p - 7:15p Announcements and Introductions

7:15p - 7:30p PBJ™ Session

7:30p - 7:45p Right Brain™

7:45p - 8:00p Door Prizes

8:00p - 8:45p Fishbowl Discussion

About IndyPy:

The Indianapolis Python Meetup

Organized by Six Feet Up, the Indianapolis Python Meetup (“IndyPy”) is a leading national group promoting the Python programming language and connecting the Python community. IndyPy draws Python enthusiasts from the entire Midwest for regular events. In 2019, the group celebrated 12 years of success with over 1,600+ members.

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