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February 13, 2018

IndyPy Meetup: Python Data Model, Ace Tech Interviews, & Django for SaaS Startups

This month's key sessions: 

Python Beginners' Jam  (PBJ™):

Our PBJ™ is all about the basics: 15 minute Python short tutorial aimed at beginners. This month, the focus will be on:

"Intro to the Python Data Model and Pythonic Programming" By: Neal Thomison

At first glance, the official Python documentation found in Section 3 "Data
Model" can seem like an impenetrable maze of definitions with references to
other definitions. This short talk will introduce you to the lexicon of the data
model, how to understand what Section 3 is trying to tell you, and illustrate
why the path to pythonic programming goes through the data model.

Right Brain™ Talk:

Right Brain™ brings to you creative topics aimed at developing well rounded Pythonistas. This month:

"Interviewing, Fast and Slow: Use Behavioral Science to Ace Tech Interviews or Build Better Teams" by: Wes Winham, Woven

As developers, we're used to getting near-instant feedback on the quality of our work. The test either passes, or it doesn't. As a result of that quick feedback loop, we consistently improve our coding ability. More time equals more skill. When it comes to job interviews, though, there’s no compiler, no unit tests, and no quick feedback loop. We feel like we're learning, but are we?

We’ll draw on lessons from the groundbreaking book Thinking, Fast and Slow and mistakes I’ve made across a decade of startup engineer hiring. We'll break down the typical python developer interview process. Then, we'll use the lens of cognitive bias to identify specific tactics for acing existing interviews and for making our interviews better at predicting team success.

Pro Talk™:

This is our Advanced Python talk by a field expert. Our featured speaker will be:

"Why Django is (still) a good choice for building your SaaS startup" by: Dave Colgan

In this talk I'll explain the advantages and disadvantages of the most common techniques and frameworks for building apps today. Specifically, I'll discuss the difference between Javascript-heavy "Single Page Apps" and why your app may not require one. I'll explain why Django, though older and not as "hip and trendy" as some other technologies, has distinct advantages in maturity as a framework and developer productivity. I'll then discuss what this means from a business perspective, as decisions in the early days of SaaS startups are often resource-constrained.

All of these ideas together inform why I went all-in on Django over 6 years ago in my business of building SaaS apps for clients, and why it's still my tool of choice much of the time.


7:00p - 7:20p Meet, Greet and Eat (free pizza!)

7:20p - 7:30p Announcements and Introductions

7:30p - 7:45p PBJ™ Session with Neal Thomison

7:45p - 8:00p Right Brain™ Talk with Wes Winham

8:00p - 8:45p Pro Talk™ with Dave Colgan

8:45p - 9:30p Networking/ Door Prizes

About IndyPy:

The Indianapolis Python MeetupOrganized by Six Feet Up, the Indianapolis Python Meetup (“IndyPy”) is a leading national group promoting the Python programming language and connecting the Python community. IndyPy draws Python enthusiasts from the entire Midwest for regular events. In 2017, the group celebrated 10 years of success with over 1,200 members.

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  • Date February 13
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  • Where The Speak Easy, 5255 Winthrop Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
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