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IndyAWS Monthly Meetup: AWS IAM Access and Elevation

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January 15, 2019

IndyAWS Monthly Meetup: AWS IAM Access and Elevation

IndyAWS Meetup:AWS IAM Access and Elevation

This month, IndyAWS' guest speaker is Kenneth Winner (Trek10) on AWS IAM Access and Elevation

Talk Abstract:

Securing AWS accounts isn’t always easy. A well-established best practice for IAM is to centralize your users in either a special “IAM only” AWS account or through some user store and SSO service outside of AWS (i.e. Active Directory or Okta) and then use cross-account roles with various access levels to access your organization’s AWS accounts. However, this does not cover defining who has access to what roles and in what accounts/organizations.

Our solution is temporary elevation. Instead of asking for access every day for weeks they can request the max time but if it’s only for a day or a few hours then that is what they get.


12:00p - 12:10p Introductions/ Order Food

12:10p - 12:40p Presentation by Kenneth Winner

12:40p - 12:50p Q&A

12:50p - 1:00p Networking/Pay

The Indianapolis AWS Meetup

About IndyAWS

Organized by Six Feet Up, the Indianapolis AWS User Group (“IndyAWS”) strives to connect and educate the local Amazon Web Services practitioners community. Each month we bring in tech experts to speak on specific topics and encourage participants to share their experiences. The IndyAWS Meetup is free of charge and lunch is optional through the venue.



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