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February 09, 2016

IndyPy Monthly Meetup - February

This month, Neal Thomison will give us a talk on Graph Theory and Python.

Graphs and networks are ubiquitous features of both our physical and virtual lives --- so ubiquitous that our lives literally depend on them. A great deal of insight can be gained by modeling these networks with a computer. The networkx package provides Python with a rich set of capabilities to build, manipulate, and analyze networks and graphs of all sizes. This talk will cover the basics of getting started with networkx and then move into an example of moderate complexity to look at some advanced features. While we won't be able to cover all of the awesomeness that is networkx, this talk will give you a feeling for what kinds of problems it's good at and a sound foundation for further study.

We may have some more Python books to give out from our sponsors O'Reilly and Pearson.

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  • Date February 9
  • Time 7-9pm
  • Where The Speak Easy, Indianapolis
  • Attendees Calvin, Rob
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