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9th ShipIt Day

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January 17, 2013

9th ShipIt Day

Six Feet Up is looking forward to its 9th quarterly "ShipIt Day", an event when employees work in complete autonomy on a project of their choice and have 24 hours to present a complete deliverable to the rest of the team.

"ShipIt Day" is Six Feet Up's new name for our quarterly events formally known as "FedEx Days". This is in response to FedEx's request to stop leveraging their name to refer to this popular morale, creativity, and productivity boosting event. The name "ShipIt Day" was chosen by Atlassian as a replacement and adopted by Six Feet Up to show our support to the growing international community of organizations committed to hosting similar events.

During "ShipIt Day", the entire team is encouraged (but not required) to participate. Oftentimes team members who normally work remotely fly in for the event.

At previous events, Six Feet Up teamed up with Roche Diagnostics' North American headquarters in Indianapolis and with Angie's List. Such collaborations represent an opportunity to learn from each other about ways to foster innovation and creativity.

Altogether, the Six Feet Up team has successfully completed more than 80 projects.

For more information on "ShipIt Day", or to request an invitation to participate in our event, please contact Carol Ganz.


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