AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the de-facto cloud provider these days. Six Feet Up is a proud AWS partner as it provides an amazing array of building blocks for application deployment.

Why Organizations Move to AWS

Organizations tired of owning and managing their own hardware find it very appealing to move their sites and applications to AWS as they prefer having operating expenses than capital expenses.

AWS also makes it easy to scale up and down in a moment's notice without having to provision hardware. You just pay for what you use. And you can even go serverless with AWS Lambda, which means you skip managing servers altogether.

Small companies with simple needs appreciate the fact that Amazon has fully managed services that can be deployed within a few clicks. 

And larger organizations move to AWS because it supports a rich set of APIs. IT departments can automate their deployments and make your process repeatable as well as error free.

AWS Implementation Hurdles

Now the range of services offered by AWS is so wide it can be daunting. In addition, the documentation can be out-of-date, which makes it even harder.

Oftentimes, organizations are managing many services themselves, such as relational databases, load balancers, caching or CDN. The first hurdle is to figure out which AWS services to use to replace those services. Then moving to AWS requires a lot of coordinated efforts and a lot of planning to make sure the transition is smooth and without service interruption. 

AWS Costs Too High?

Your AWS bill can get out of hand quickly if your business is growing and you aren't managing your  resource usage carefully. Tools like CloudCustodian can help you reduce your bills and keep your infrastructure compliant. We can audit your allocation of resources and provide recommendations. 


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