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What works with Plone 4?

October 14, 2010

Plone 4 is about to be released and only a few products have been tested from a compatibility standpoint.

As part of the plan to update our current Plone 3 demo instance to a Plone 4 based demo, I started to test some products in Plone4 and here is a quick tally of my findings. Basically I checked if I could add the product to the buildout, install it, and use it:

* Lineage (added, installed, used)

* Linguaplone (added, installed, used)
    * renders horrible with the sunburst theme

* PloneFormGen (added, installed, used)

* CacheSetup (added, installed, didn't try)

* Products.Maps (added, installed, didn't try)

* Plone4Artists video (fail: product not compatible)
    * Tune-up announced

* Plone4Artists calendar (fail: product not compatible)

* Easyslideshow (fail: product not compatible)
    * Six Feet Up will be working on this product shortly.
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