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Useful tips if you can't reach your site

December 9, 2013


You just wanted to go check something on your website, but now your site doesn't seem to come up at all. On top of that, your fund raising event is coming up. And you just sent a link to your website to an important prospect. Panic ensues... But then, you remember this blog post with a list of steps to follow to determine the best course of action:

1. Remember to breathe. Then move on to #2.

2. What type of error do you see on your screen?

3. Getting a "502" or "504" error means your connection to your server is working, but the application server on the server is down or more likely restarting because it ran out of memory. You wisely decide to wait 5 min and try again.

4. The "Server not found" error gives you a hint that your internet connection is most likely down. You decide to investigate further. Go to #5.

5. To check whether this problem impacts just you or others too, you know to go to

6. A "server not found" error on means your internet connection is very likely down.  Go to #13.

7. says "It's just you". This most likely means your connection to your site is down, but the rest of the world can see it. You look for a piece of chocolate or go get a drink. Or both. After 5 minutes, you try again.

8. says "It's not just you!". Breathe in and move on to tip #9.

9. Visit and check your domain name expiration date.

10. If you get a "500" or "Site error", please contact your development team (it may or may not be Six Feet Up). They will determine whether this is an application issue or a hosting issue. They may then contact Six Feet Up on your behalf.

11. This is a serious issue. Visit and provide the following information:

12. You suspect you have outgrown your hosting plan. You contact Six Feet Up to get recommendations.

13. It's time you started tracking down your local tech person or your ISP. Be gentle. They have feelings too. And they are probably already working on fixing the issue. Bring them chocolate and/or a drink to help them with their efforts. This usually speeds things up and buys you brownie points for next time.

14. Your domain name has expired and you only have so many days left to renew it. DO NOT POSTPONE THIS.

15. You must renew your domain name immediately or risk losing it forever! Contact your registrar at the URL mentioned under "Referral URL" or get in touch with the person who originally acquired the domain name for you. You now are like Jack Bauer in '24 hours'. Good luck to you.