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Red Hat shows off OpenShift at Cloud Field Day 9

November 30, 2020

Cloud Field Day is a regular event organized by Tech Field Day, which brings together the best independent thought leaders in the enterprise cloud space. I had the honor to be invited to participate as a Delegate. On Friday, November 8, 2020 the ninth edition of the Cloud Field Day focused on Red Hat who presented several of their multi-cloud management solutions.

Red Hat is a name that should be familiar to anyone involved in the open source software community. They develop the Linux distribution Fedora, as well as the open source cloud platform OpenShift, which was the focus of their presentation. OpenShift is a complete multi-cloud management platform designed to run on any of the major cloud providers and private clouds.

screenshot from the presentation showing Red Hat OpenShift Managed Services

To work alongside with OpenShift, Red Hat is introducing a Managed Cloud Services solution. Certain costs and services — such as monitoring, CI/CD pipelines, etc.— would just be included in an OpenShift subscription and not accrue additional charges based on usage. OpenShift Managed Services also provides several SRE services that usually would require a dedicated team within the client's company. Of course you can always compile and run your own implementation of Openshift, managing all the costs and infrastructure yourself, since the code is free and open source.

OpenShift has tons of features and implementations. One of the features the presenters showed off in a demo was AWS ROSA, an AWS native solution for OpenShift, which is currently in the preview phase. They also showed off Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes which facilitates several cluster management operations across clouds, such as deploying a copy of a GCP application on AWS by simply changing a label.

Want to take a minute to thank Stu MinimanAndrew Cathrow, and Michael Elder for their engaging presentation, and their commitment to open source software.

To see more screenshots and commentary check out the Twitter thread we live-tweeted alongside the event, and you can watch the whole presentation as well as all the other CFD9 presentations on YouTube

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