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Quick Guide to Generating SSL Certificates

October 30, 2014

SSL Certificates

If you take donations, chances are you have SSL certificates installed on your site. Six Feet Up offers a service to help you purchase and install an SSL Certificate. If you utilize this service, we handle the renewal each year through an automated process.

Some clients, however, choose to go through their own provider for SSL Certificates (namely GoDaddy or Network Solutions). It's important to remember that you'll still require assistance from Six Feet Up to install the SSL certificate on your site.

Here's how it works:

Your company may require Six Feet Up to provide a CSR (Certified Signing Request). The CSR is generated from the server on which the SSL will be installed. This block of encrypted text contains information about your company including:

This information is used to create the SSL certificate for the site.

Note: If you need Six Feet Up to generate a CSR for you, please submit a support request. Generating a CSR takes one hour of time, at standard rates.

Once the CSR is generated and sent to you, you'll need to deliver the information to the company that will provide the SSL certificate. Once the SSL certificate is generated, you will need to send the SSL certificate back to Six Feet Up, to be installed on the server (this takes 1hr of billable time). Six Feet Up will proceed with the installation.

Depending on the provider, and with all Six Feet Up SSL renewals, you will be sent an email to confirm the installation and verify the domain ownership. When an SSL request is sent, you should always indicate what email alias is to be used in the support request. Any email received from this alias regarding the SSL certificate should be immediately forwarded on to Six Feet Up, at The options for sending these emails is limited. Please use one of the following aliases:

At this point, your SSL Certificate installation is done! And for those of you visual learners, here is a quick recap of the process:

Generating your SSL Certs Infographic

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