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Python Django Training Course Now Available

October 8, 2014

It’s official. We’ve taken the challenge of finding well-trained Python developers into our own hands. Clayton and I will be teaching 5-day immersive trainings on Python and Django at Eleven Fifty in Carmel, Indiana.

We're Teaming up with Eleven Fifty

When the team at Eleven Fifty told us about what they were doing at the 30,000 sq. ft mansion of Scott Jones, a business mastermind, and once officemate of Richard Stallman (creator of Emacs) at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, we knew immediately we wanted to play a role. Now, it wasn’t just the out-of-a-movie venue that caught our attention, but their unique wish for an immersive, portfolio-building course in Python. Having Six Feet Up deliver this hands-on course is the logical next step from the IndyPy meetups and Pythology educational series that we run.

Jump start a career with Python and Django

This is not your typical training event. It's a fully immersive jump start into a career using Python and Django to build scalable web applications. Students will spend five days and nights focused on learning Python by creating several web applications themselves. Students will also learn how to use Pyramid instead of Django and the benefits of a microframework. We'll make sure nobody gets stuck along the way and even cater in awesome food so everyone can stay 100% focused.

If you’re interested in learning Python, Django and Pyramid in a course that will guarantee your success, please review the course description and enroll. Contact us for details about the next course date in 2015.


If you have any questions about Six Feet Up or the course, please contact

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