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Pure Storage presents Portworx at Cloud Field Day 9

December 1, 2020

Cloud Field Day is a regular event organized by Tech Field Day, which brings together the best independent thought leaders in the enterprise cloud space. I had the honor to be invited to participate as a Delegate. On Thursday, November 7, 2020 the ninth edition of the Cloud Field Day focused on Pure Storage who presented on a company they recently acquired, Portworx.

Portworx, is a cloud-based software defined storage solution. Cloud storage is a complex problem because the way you store files on your standard computer, using what is known as a Posix File System, is not the most efficient way to store documents in the cloud. A more distributed object storage system is something all of the major cloud providers offer — Amazon calls theirs S3, for instance, and Google calls theirs simply Google Storage. 

Screenshot from the presentation showing some of the ways Portworx integrates with kubernetes

Portworx runs on top of these storage infrastructures, and facilitates several types of operations that might be very difficult to do manually.  It also allows for certain operations across clouds. Portworx's motto is "any any any": it runs on any Kubernetes distribution, on any cloud provider, and on-prem. It facilitates storage transactions between all of these different technologies. For instance, if you need to copy a large amount of data from S3 into Google Storage AND Azure Storage at the same time, you can do this easily with Portworx.

If you have a free Kubernetes cluster lying around, you can try Portworx out yourself by going to They also have a number of interactive tutorials running on a live environment at

Big thanks to Matt Kixmoeller, Pure Storage VP of strategy, and Goutham Rao, co-founder and CTO of Portworx, for such an engaging presentation.

To see more screenshots and commentary check out the Twitter thread we live-tweeted alongside the event, and you can watch the whole presentation as well as all the other CFD9 presentations on YouTube

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