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PSE2010 - Page Templates

For the first break-out session of the day, I attended Gregory Angle's talk on Page Templates. Greg works for PSU in the research department. He showed us a few specific pages on their website and talked about the customized templates he created to achieve the desired functionality. Along with each of the main examples, he also showed us the code used to make it work.

Greg first showed us the homepage, focusing on the rotating images used to showcase certain content. For this, he used a collection to grab the four most recent news and events that used the keyword 'spotlight'. This gave me some ideas of adjustments to make on a similar slideshow product that we at Six Feet Up are developing.

Also featured were some specialized search pages, as well as a custom content type for technologies. Greg was able to provide helpful ideas by explaining a few of the special detail that were implemented in each of the templates.

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