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Ports - DevOps - Tech Talk Notes and Video

Ports is a collection of third party applications that are not included in the base FreeBSD install. This gives you the flexibility to choose options when you are compiling binary packages.

In the video below, I walk through the numerous benefits and setbacks associated with Ports.



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Here are some key points from the video:

Anatomy of a Port

  • Makefile
    • Contains all of the makes options for a port
  • distinfo
    • information used to obtain source code
  • files
    • patches and extra files
  • pkg-descr
    • detailed description of each port
  • pkg-plist
    • list of files installed by a port

Installing The Ports Collection

  • porstnap fetch
  • portsnap extract
  • portsnap update

Finding Ports

  • find
  • whereis
  • pkg_info

Installing a Port Manually

  • make config
  • make
  • make Install

Installing a Port with Portmaster

  • more end user friendly
  • resolves dependencies
  • not as flexible when there are other errors

Upgrading Ports

  • upgrade your ports tree with portsnap upgrade
  • all ports can be upgraded with the portupgrade
  • individual ports can be upgraded with portmaster

When things go wrong

  • reinstall specific ports to fix make options
  • reinstall all ports to fix dependency issues

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