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Plone Sea Sprint Night One

September 22, 2012


Spirited Sprint Planning

The run-up to this sprint has had a great amount of discussion going on the various mailing lists to get everyone on the same page.

David Glick's list of initial possible goals:

Some discussions about getting testing setup:

And some great related threads that discuss the use cases for Diazo, Dexterity, and Tiles (which is what Deco uses) that are also happening around the same time:

Plus all of the planning and updates for the event can be followed here:

Dinner and Debate

We all headed to a great little Thai place not far from the house and enjoyed our kickoff dinner thanks to Dylan Jay and Pretaweb for making sure we were well fed before we got down to business. Afterward, we headed back to the house to start into a many hour discussion/demos/debate about what we are “realistically” going to do during the next couple days we have together.

This session really helps get everyone on the same page and brought us up to speed on Deco, Blocks, Tiles and collective.cover. A big take away from this was that all of these things are basically using the same building blocks underneath to build and deploy their content into various layouts. They all consist of using plone.tiles, and as the foundation to build a layout building system for Plone.

We also discovered that the layout portion of this, which is done by products like or collective.cover is one of the more difficult bits to implement. UI and UX aren’t easy and we want a simple consice way for people to compose pages in a visual manner.

On to Day One

A big advantage of last nights session was that this morning everyone woke up already having a task assigned to them to start on. We have groups working on testing, documentation, bug fixing, prototyping new layout ideas, organizing discussions with external UI/UX folks, building more stable Tiles and starting on optimizing the installation process.

The Sea Sprint Coactivate site has a great writeup in more detail.

There is a buzz of activity this morning and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the day goes.

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