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Plone Demo Tutorials and You

The Plone 4 Demo site offers tutorials in its guided tours, and we are really excited to share those. There is no need for users to stumble through the demo, wondering what to do next or which features and functions will be used most. Our demo gives step-by-step guidance for demo users. We hope to expand it with the help of other Plone developers and administrators.

We are inviting everyone in the Plone community and those who use the demo to provide feedback. At Six Feet Up, we continually strive to get better. It is one of our core values, and we would like to learn what you have to say about the tutorials. Beyond feedback, we encourage other Plone developers to contribute to it as well. One way to do that is to submit concise, documented ideas that we can implement. A better way would be for a developer to submit prepared tutorials that we would review and publish as part of the demo.

The Plone 4 Demo tutorials were designed with the Plone newbie in mind. We want to keep it clean and simple while offering demo users an opportunity to get excited about how they could use Plone in their organizations. We believe that members of the Plone community are uniquely qualified to contribute to this project because they bring a wide range of experience with end users.

We look forward to submissions, discussions and sharing more Plone demo tutorials with you.

Thanks for filling out the form! A Six Feet Up representative will be in contact with you soon.

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