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New PAQs start with how to submit your Emergency

October 23, 2014

Stay Ahead of the PAQ with Plone

Problems and Questions (PAQs) are bound to pop up when you are working in an open source platform that is constantly changing and moving. You know, the "I have a problem with my site, now what?!" moment we all face from time to time. Over the years, we have found that, while no two problems are identical, there are a lot of standard and frequent items that you may face while working in or with Plone. Follow our PAQ's for more detail on how we've addressed frequent problems and questions. Or, better yet, join in the fun and submit your own PAQ for us to feature!

To kick things off, here is a quick reference for what to do if you require emergency or critical support. Remember, if you think you need to submit an emergency ticket, be sure to check out our blog post on troubleshooting tips first.

Submitting Emergency or Support Requests

The most important thing to do is answer as many of the support request questions in your ticket as possible. This helps cut down on response time by eliminating back and forth Q & A sessions. Here are the questions you can expect:

Details are key for quick and efficient support. Please be as detailed as possible. If applicable, please add:

Understanding Our Process

If an emergency ticket is placed, the on-call engineers are alerted immediately and will respond to your issues promptly.

However, if the Project Manager is emailed or called and no ticket is created, your request is not marked as emergency or support and they might not be able to answer right away.

As an example, if your site is down, and you email a project manager, it would be down until your project manager is able to respond. Be sure to submit a ticket through our emergency ticket form for a quicker response.

Note: The easiest way to get a response on a support or emergency issue is to email support.

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