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New getpaid.recipe.release out!

October 14, 2010

PloneGetPaid is the ecommerce solution for Plone. GetPaid processes credit cards, accepts donations, calculates shipping, and more. GetPaid allows you to extend your Plone site to be a fully functioning online store.

The version 1.4.1 of the getpaid.recipe.release ( came out not too long ago.

When you add this recipe to your buildout, it downloads the GetPaid core eggs from pypi (getpaid.core, Products.PloneGetPaid, getpaid.wizard, getpaid.nullpayment, five.intid, ...). You also have the option to add any "extra" packages you want. For example, you can add the eggs for:

The recipe allows you to add GetPaid safely to your production site, because all the eggs and products are tagged. You can also use the recipe version you want by pinning it in your buildout. It is easy to do, there are just a few lines to add to your buildout and the process is described on the recipe page (

The latest release features:

Ready to try GetPaid for Plone? It will take you just a few minutes with the new recipe.

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