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"Mastering Plone" Documentation - An Online Resource

August 21, 2014

Recently, Philip Bauer and Patrick Gerken of took the outline from their Mastering Plone training and put it online as a training resource.

Instead of documentation that lists what is available to use, this training walks you through the process of creating a Plone site and setting up custom content.

I am primarily a front-end developer, but have recently been learning Python and how to do more back-end development with Plone.  I went through the bits of this Plone Training that I didn’t already know how to do, and found it to be a great resource.  I have already gone back to it a few times to use as a reference.

I did find some small mistakes and typos while working through the training, but fortunately, the code for the training is on Github in the Plone repo. I was able to commit the fixes and see the training updated right away. Anyone that is a Plone Core Contributor can make changes like this.  Philip and Patrick do request that any larger changes be made as a pull-request.

Our new developer, Rob, has also been going through the training, and he was not already familiar with Plone. Since the training is currently more of an outline, it’s not perfect.  But this has allowed Rob to learn even more while working through the parts that didn’t work as expected.

Check out the training at

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