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Lineage 2.0 for multisite is Plone 5 & Dexterity compatible

Lineage 2.0 for multisite is Plone 5 & Dexterity compatible

We've seen a lot of activity around Lineage this year and wanted to make sure that before PloneConf, we had a fresh new version of Lineage for Plone 4.x and Plone 5. You can now seamlessly migrate Lineage subsites from Lineage 1.1 to 2.0 and Plone 4 to Plone 5. Lineage 2 was also created to adapt to the new Plone 5 interface and allow for the use of Dexterity or Archetypes.

See a demo at PloneConf

If you are attending PloneConf, make sure to come to my talk tomorrow where I'll be demoing Lineage and sharing case studies on how it's been used to quickly go from hundreds of standalone sites to one installation.


Harald Friessnegger and Johannes Raggam provided a lot of contributions. We recently had our 13th ShipIt Day, which provided me with a solid 24 hours to focus on getting these pull requests into the master. Main changes include:


  • Lineage 2 is Plone 5 compatible

Content type framework agnostic

  • Lineage 2 is compatible with Dexterity and Archetypes by allowing definitions of Subsites on plone.folder.interfaces.IFolder objects.

Lighter and more modern code base

  • Lineage 2 isn't dependent on p4a.subtyper anymore. Enable and disable subsite menus are now in the object_buttons action menu.
  • Control panel has been replaced with language translations for translating interface elements instead.
  • ChildFolder content type has been deprecated.

Clean migration path from Lineage 1.x to 2.0

  • Lineage 2.0 is a major upgrade to the software and will require you to have updated to the 1.1.2 version before you migrate any existing Lineage child sites to the new version. The 1.1.2 release of Lineage is only used to migrate your existing Lineage 1.1 sites up to the needed state for the new 2.0 release. Just install 1.1.2 and go to the Add-Ons site setup control panel and click the upgrade button. Then install 2.0 and do the same again to upgrade fully to the latest Lineage.

Localization features

  • Object actions and site-switcher are now translatable (German translations are included) [fRiSi]

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