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KARL Presentations at KMWorld 2010

November 8, 2010

KMWorld2010-208.gifKMWorld2010 is a conference in Washington, DC to discuss the wide-ranging Knowledge Management Programs for organizations. 

Steve Barth from Reflected Knowledge, Tom Moroz form Open Society Foundations, and Jo Lyon from OXFAM GB, and  will be presenting a half-day pre-conference session on November 15 entitled 'W-16: KM Platforms and Programs in International NGO's'.  Six Feet Up provides hosting to both the Open Society Institute and OXFAM GB of KARL for both of these organizations.  This will be a great place to find out more about KARL.

Separate from the conference itself, on Thursday, November 18, 2010 there will be an open forum with a demonstration and answers to questions about KARL.  For more information on this event, contact us.

CTO Calvin Hendryx-Parker and KARL Champion Jim Glenn will be attending the conference and the KARL discussions with the KARL partners. We look forward to meeting all our current KARL customers and partners face to face for discussions on future directions of KARL.  We look forward to discussing KARL with organizations looking for a Knowledge Management Solution for their organization. There will be a couple of live demonstrations of KARL if you would like to see the features and uses of KARL.  

Find more information on KMWorld:

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