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KARL Introduces Feeds

October 14, 2010


One of the most recent solutions offered by Six Feet Up is hosting for KARL. KARL is a Knowledge Management system created by OSF with Six Feet Up as the exclusive provider of hosting.

KARL allows members of your organization to collaborate with each other as well as collaborating with customers, partners, consultants, or other individuals outside your organization. KARL creates virtual communities to organize groups of members by topic and common projects.

A new feature was introduced to KARL recently called Feeds. The Feeds feature allows KARL members to view changes in KARL in real time across a user's communities.

As members add new content or edit existing content, the feed provides a running view of the changes being made.

Security in KARL is one of its fundamental features. The Feeds option maintains the security model built into KARL. KARL Staff can see feed items from all of the public communities and the communities of which they are a member. KARL Affiliates see only feed items that they have permission to view.

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