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It's a Small Six Feet Up World

October 14, 2010

As I was coming to the office the other day, and I heard that one of Six Feet Up's clients, American Red Ball, was sponsoring an exhibit for another one of our clients, The Indiana Historical Society.

These two companies have come together to present Destination Indiana, which means they had to discuss underwriting costs, how to position the advertising, signage and all that goes into a large sponsorship like this one. In all of these meetings, they probably never had the opportunity to recognize that their websites had something in common: Six Feet Up.

With social networking in our personal lives, we find that the degrees of separation have shrunk rapidly. We are finding this in our Plone client networking too. I am sure I will hear more and more about our clients collaborating on community projects. I wonder if any of them will recognize their mutual connection to Six Feet Up and Plone.

We wish the Indiana Historical Society and American Red Ball great success with the exhibit and continued success with their built-on-Plone websites.

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