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How Wikileaks Sets the Bar for a New Age of Knowledge Dissemination

We have definitely entered a new age and the opportunities are amazing. I can easily see how a technology, well applied, has the ability to start to change the world and how we can quite literally publish and share with any audience - whether around the office or around the world.

People want their lives to be as easy as possible. One of the keys to the success of Wikileaks was the technology made it as easy as possible to submit and protect the documents while enabling them to be vetted on the other side by teams of journalists.

In Tim Bray's Post about Wikileaks, he makes a point that somehow isn't obvious to many IT administrators these days:

I’ve worked with organizations that have highly security-conscious financial institutions. What happens is, they take a grievous hit in productivity, and everyone brings their personal Mac in and puts it on the desktop and uses it for getting actual work done, mailing the results to the castrated company computer for deployment.

Seems to me that people are bringing their Mac into work for much less. They are doing it so that they have a tool that doesn't stand in the way of getting their job done.

It is now possible to leverage tools like these in your organization to ensure that everyone has easy access to the knowledge they need to be effective. Tools like Plone allow for ease of use and robust workflow while tools such as KARL allow for every person in an organization to contribute knowledge with a low technical barrier to entry.

How has technology better enabled your team to collaborate? Is publishing new content to the web as easy as you would like it to be? Let us know.

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