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Faculty/Staff Directory on Plone 4

October 14, 2010

About to start a new project with Plone 4, we wanted to check on the "Faculty/Staff Directory" compatibility. Here is a quick note with our findings:

  1. The FacultyStaffDirectory product is actively maintained and the latest release occurred June 2010, so one would expect an up-to-date product. However, it only has been tested with Plone 2.5 and Plone 3. When trying to add the product to a Plone 4 buildout, there were many errors, mostly common import errors like described in the Plone upgrade guide. The errors that were observed could be solved during an afternoon of product Tune-Up.

  2. The main obstacle to FacultyStaffDirectory's compatibility with Plone 4 seems to come from its dependencies. Products.Relations, for instance, is as good as dead, with an abandonned page on and no pypi release for 2 years. Based on the various errors noted during buildout, making Products.Relations Plone 4 compatible is going to be far less trivial.

  3. Finally, Products.Membrane was last released more than a year ago and tested with Plone 3.2 or older. There will be some tune-up work required here too before we can get FacultyStaffDirectory fully compatible with Plone 4.

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