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Displaying EasySlideshow on your Homepage with Diazo

February 11, 2015

With the recent EasySlideshow v2.2 release and development for v3 for Plone 5 underway, we have created a series of articles that aim to provide a more in-depth look at the app's functionality. Here you will quick instruction for displaying EasySlideshow within pages. Please note, these steps are for use of EasySlideshow within Plone, and assume the product is already installed and activated.


Out of the box, EasySlideshow allows you to turn a folder view into a slideshow, but without some custom development, there is not a way to display it within a page in your site.

If your site is using a Diazo theme, you can add a single rule that would display a slideshow in one of your templates. First set up a slideshow folder (see the Using EasySlideshow blog post if you need more information). Then use a rule like this one:

<before css:theme-children="#main-container"
css:if-content=".section-front-page" />

The href specifies the path to your slideshow folder, and the ajax_load part added to the end of the url will only grab the useful content, so as to not impact performance. By pulling everything inside #content-core, this makes sure to grab your slideshow, its navigation, and its custom Javascript (using your custom settings from the Slideshow tab). The theme selector and if-content condition should be updated to match a selector for your homepage or location where you want the slideshow to appear. #main-container appears in the Barceloneta default theme.

What do you think of EasySlideshow? Let us know in the comments. For more how-to information, be sure to sign up for our Plone & Python How-To digests and receive articles as soon as they are published!

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